The Globe theatre was built in 1599, by Shakespeare’s company, Chamber Lain’s Men, in London, England. They called it the Globe Theatre because it was probably reference to the fact that the actors create a world for the audience. The Theatre was built for Shakespeare’s plays and only men were allow to perform in it.

The Globe Theatre was sadly burned down in 1613 due to a cannon going off and igniting a spark and set the roof on fire. The theatre was rebuilt a year later 1614, the Globe Theatre was closed in 1642 due to the civil wa that broke out between the Parliamentarians who were Puritan and the Royalists.


The Globe Theatre is set out in 3 main areas The Inner Stage which was for the more wealthier people, Central Balcony and Central Music Gallery with 2 large lofts. For the poor people referred as groundlings were at the bottom and had to stand up and watch the shows rather than sitting down. The capacity of the Globe theatre sits about 3000 people.

The people in town were notified when the theatre was on by posters and notifications around the globe theatre.